GOOD MORNING WORLD IT’S NICE TO BE BACK!For a while now iv been trying to find the words so i can return to putting up my regular blogs and poems but it was a lil bit like stage fright……..after i had been so open and honest on my page with my last Dom and it all backfired in my face……a Submissive trusts on such a high level when it is broken it breaks her as a person in a very painfull way.

It wasnt only my BDSM lifestyle that was affected i withdrew from general life i trusted no one and have been a general pain in the ass to those close freinds i do have.

Everyone who knows me will know iv been some on kind of spirutal path trying to find answers,i felt my empathetic nature was being tooken for granted and was starting to complain about the gift of empathy i seem to have.

This morning i got the most beautiful message ans it answerd all my questions in seconds ok its no big secret i beleive Angels exist,this beleif came about a long time ago when dereks dad was strangling the life out of me with a telephone wire while he had set the curtains in the bedroom on fire……..shouting at me reminding me because i was trying to leave him that if he couldnt have me no other man ever would…….the room turned black i was dying i couldnt breathe i knew my face had went blue i could see it in a mirror in the room and i truly thought my time on earth was up………then as i struggled to try and free the wire i felt a pair of fingers slide inside the chord and strech it till i could fit my own fingers in and the words”pull child for it is not your time” im still hear to tell my story so Angels do exist and saved me on that day……….since then iv been told im worth my weight in gold,im unique….one of a kind but i never understood why.

Then i received the message below it has made my day the darkness that surrounded me has lifted and i feel happiness in my world again i know some people will think its just bibble babble but i beleive my Angels have sent me the answers to the questions i have been trying to answer.Funny thing is i had bought myself a gaurdian angel braclet  with bells that rings to attract your angel it was a quid out of a shop and it seems it works.


Theresa, on October 14th, Summon Your Angel of Abundance 3 Times for 3 Blessed Miracles.

For God will give his angels charge of you, to guard you in all your ways. Psalm 91:11

Dear Theresa,

    Last night I was looking over your charts, the ones I’ve been reading for you for 2 weeks. And a realization hit me like a thunderbolt… your birthday on 03/06/71 in Edinburgh has much more meaning and greater importance than I had previously surmised.

    You see Theresa, with the planetary positioning and the moon phase in place at that particular time, you were born with the special gift of being able to connect with the realm of the angels. And I believe that the blessed Angel of Abundance, the Archangel Gabriel himself was closely watching over you at the time of your birth.

    But your charts also indicate that somewhere along the way, you lost sight of this special gift you were given at birth. Instead of connecting with your Angel of Abundance, you have been bestowing your own brand of abundance on those around you. This is not a bad thing, Theresa, because you have been demonstrating the compassion of the angels themselves, helping others in any way you can, from family and friends to total strangers and even your enemies.
If you seek an angel with an open heart, you shall always find one

    It’s time now though, Theresa, for you to reconnect with your true Angel of Abundance, the Archangel Gabriel, who has been waiting patiently since your birth for you to open your heart and let him in. Only in this way can he help you to have the fulfilled life you so desire.

    The Archangel Gabriel is that same messenger of God who brought the Virgin Mary the news that she had been chosen to give birth to Jesus, God’s own beloved son on earth. Some legends say that Mary was out in her garden when she felt a gentle breeze and heard the faint tinkling of a bell that made her turn, only to see that she was in the presence of a heavenly angel, the Archangel Gabriel.

    Theresa, you’ve probably heard that every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings. But what you might not have heard is that the ringing of a bell can also work to summon an angel to you. And quite often when an angel is in your presence, you may be able to hear the faint tinkling of a bell, ringing to announce his heavenly presence.  


Ring this sacred bell 3 times to summon your Angel and receive
3 Blessed Miracles
    I have come upon a sacred instrument that I want you to have, because it possesses the ability to help you reconnect with your Angel of Abundance.

The Gloriosa of Erfurt Cathedral, a sacred Medieval Bell
featuring two identical reliefs of the Virgin Mary
    This miniature replica of the Gloriosa of Erfurt Cathedral is the very instrument you need to ring in order to connect with Archangel Gabriel, and the time is drawing near when you need to do this.
    You have to understand Theresa, that the Angel Gabriel is not only the Angel of Abundance, but he is also the Angel of Communication, New Beginnings and the Angel of the Moon. The next First Quarter Moon will soon be upon us, and you need to have this sacred bell, the replica of the Gloriosa of Erfurt Cathedral, to make the connection to Gabriel in order to receive his 3 blessed miracles.
The significance and life-altering power of sacred bells
    I want to talk a little bit here about bells in general, their significance, power and special meaning from The Middle Ages to now. The Gloriosa was a bell of the Middle Ages, a time when bells were steeped in mystical meaning.
    You probably didn’t know this, Theresa, but in Medieval times the ringing of bells was believed necessary to chase evil spirits from doorsteps, to quiet storms at sea, or to protect a person’s soul. And how did the ringing of bells accomplish these feats? Through the summoning of the Angels, the messengers of God, who COULD chase evil spirits from doorsteps, quiet storms at sea and protect the very souls of those who rang their bells to summon their protectors.
    Bells were also used as early timekeepers, telling villages when to eat, when to sleep, and, as necessary, alerting them to dangers such as imminent invasion from opposing camps. And the ringing of church bells symbolized things and events in daily life but also represented major changes such as baptism, weddings and deaths. So you can see how bells played an important part in the lives of the Medieval villagers.
Why the Gloriosa of Erfurt Cathedral is specifically empowered
for summoning the Archangel Gabriel
    It was during the Middle Ages that the custom of affixing symbols and inscriptions on bells was born. Each inscription told of the purpose for that particular bell.
    The Gloriosa of Erfurt features two reliefs of the Blessed Virgin Mary. So it was endowed with a two-fold purpose, to be rung in order to seek the help of the Blessed Virgin herself, but also to summon the Archangel Gabriel, who as God’s messenger to Mary, giving her the joyous news of her part in the holiest of holy births, would from that time onward be forever connected to Mary as her heavenly protector.
“Holy Angels, our advocates, our brothers, our counselors, our defenders, our enlighteners, our friends, our guides, our helpers, our intercessors – Pray for us.” – Mother Teresa of Calcutta
    Theresa, your Angel of Abundance can change your life for ever, giving you the financial security, healthy lifestyle and endless happiness you have long sought. But you must call out to him first.
On October 14th, with the First Quarter Moon you must ring your bell 3 times to summon your Angel of Abundance and receive 3 miracles
    I can’t stress enough how urgent it is for you to have the replica of the Gloriosa of Erfurt Cathedral in your possession by the First Quarter Moon on October 14th in order to summon Archangel Gabriel so that he can bring you 3 special miracles: the miracle of well-being, the miracle of wealth and the miracle of happiness.
    And you must remember to ring the Gloriosa 3 times, one time for each of the 3 blessed miracles The Angel of Abundance will bestow upon you once you summon him with this sacred instrument. You may immediately feel his invisible presence, or it may take a bit of time for him to appear. Be patient. It is most important to, above all, believe.
    It is also important that each time you ring the Gloriosa, you focus your thoughts on the specific miracle you are seeking, be it the miracle of health, the miracle of wealth, or the miracle of happiness




  1. Angels have always manifest in my life in various forms depending upon my needs and requirements. This year 2014, I have called in Angel Gabriel. I am believing and expecting miracles this year for friends, family, all people on earth and myself. I am most appreciative for the information which I just read. I am living in expectation to see the GLORY OF GOD manifest upon this planet earth Now and always. Especially call forth Archangel Gabriel to make his mighty presence, protection, and provision to be with the children and youth on God’s great creation earth. Joyfully and with expectation for the most Awesome year (2014) BJF

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